Using social media sites cuts BP, Diabetes in elderly

If you are seeing your parents or grandparents making friends on Facebook, chatting online or using instant messaging services on smartphones, do not be surprised; rather be happy, as indulging in social media could reduce loneliness as well as chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes in older adults. The researchers said that this is because, social(…)

Exercise at any age can prevent Alzheimer’s

Regular exercise at any age could keep the mind young and help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, according to a research published in the journal NeuroImage. People with dementia may experience memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. In this study, the researchers discovered a positive correlation between fitness and blood flow(…)

Job dissatisfaction affects mental health

Job dissatisfaction in early working life, notably in 20s and 30s can have poor overall health and emotional problems later on in life typically in 40s, warn researchers who presented the study at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Seattle recently. The findings showed that mental health was most affected by one’s feelings about their jobs. ‘We(…)

Most spices in the Indian market are adulterated

Beware, most spices in the Indian market are adulterated. Scientists and researchers at the Indian Institute of Spices Research Kozhikode (IISR) have detected adulteration in spices available in the domestic market using DNA barcoding. After a series of studies since 2010, IISR scientists found that black pepper, chilli powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon bark and mace were adulterated(…)

Heavy weight lifting in young workers linked to low back pain later

A study from Finland suggests that young adults whose jobs involve lifting heavy weights and forceful movements might be at higher risk for back pain later in life. ‘When you’re young, you do things your own way, you muscle your way through it, but sooner or later, that behavior can cause problems,’ said Michael Timko, a physical therapist and(…)

Soluble corn fiber can build strong bones in women

Professor Connie Weaver of Purdue University suggests that supplementing food with soluble corn fiber (SCF) at two critical times in a woman’s life – adolescence and post-menopause, can help build and retain calcium in the bones. Professor Weaver said, ‘We are looking deeper in the gut to build healthy bone in girls and help older women retain strong(…)